Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

First post, good luck!

The daily interwebs? It sounds strange I know :)
This blog is dedicated to the Intenet. For the strange things I see hear and sometimes smell ;).
I want to talk about movies and music I like and don't like. Enough. I quite dont know how to explain what I want to do but starting right away may seems to be a good Idea.

My first recommendationis one of my favorite Movies:
Snatch(crime film/action/comedy)
The movie is about an small-time boxing promoter named Turkish(after a crashed plane) and his partner Tommy. Turkish is in a bad position. He lost his fighter and therefore can't keep up a deal he made with the gangster boss Brick Top. Oweing something to Brick Top is like a ticket to hell. So Turkish and Tommy try to get out of the mess by switching the fighter with Micky, a gypse who is responsible for the situation both are in, but they learn that gypses are unreliable.

It is hard to talk about the movie without explaining and spoiling to much. Guy Richie shows a beautiful picture about the Londoner criminal underworld and the Charakter are unique and likeable. The movie has a lot of similarities to Richies previous movie "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" which I also recommend for people who like "Snatch".

Rating: 7/10 Its worth a look

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