Sonntag, 6. Februar 2011

A bit lazy^^

 Flying to Dublin tomorrow so I am a bit busy right now(packing my stuff, etc.)While packing my stuff I remembered something I want to share with you :)

I think that my blogging in Dublin will be lazy aswell, because there is not much time between drinking and singing :D

PS: I may use the time to finally getting my own designe for my blog... we will see

Samstag, 5. Februar 2011

Curious about Binary and Society

Yesterday I talked to a friend and tried to make him understand binary. He needs this because he is attending school again for his new Job. After hours of explaining him why and how binary is used ne finaly gave up(He is more a creativ guy, drawing, painting, making music etc.) shouting : "Can't I just use my hands like when I was a little learning the decimal sytem?"

Then I realised it. After years of remembering the pattern of ones and zeros I forgot that it is possible and a very good way to explain binary.(stupid me :P)

In the hand method(wait..what?) the thumb is the one, the index fingers is two, the middle finger 4, the ring finger is 8 and the pinky has the value of 16. Adding the values of the Fingers gives you the number(as you already know^^). Using both hands you could count up to 1.024, a huge difference to the normal count up to ten with decimal.

So now to my real question:
In Wikipedia I found that a system like binary was discovered many times ago, the oldest to be found was in India, developed 2300 years ago. That starts me thinking...what would have happend if the europeans discovered it by the time and used it and abolish the decimal system? Would Society be significantly be changed? Would mankind have been developed faster? If we would, would it make our society better ,because of the technological advantages, or would it be worse, because of the monachy which made the world unable to work together and the technological development which would give us the deadliest weapons a lot earlier(the atom bomb in the 15th century?)?

In my opinion the mankind would have developed faster. Computer would have been developed earlier and thus the technological developement would be quicker. I think binary could have safed us 200 years and remembering Moor's law we would have had passed the speed of light in computers about 80 Years ago.

Yes I have a optimistic view of life ;)

Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011

Thanks to my new followers(and the old ones as well :))!
I would like to give a movie recommendation but I think I need to live up to the name of the blog. Don't worry, there are some in the pipeline ,some I like and some I don't like(Tron: Legacy >:().

First of all: Facebook fuck yeah!(not really)
Game recommendation: Backyard Monsters
It is a mix of tower defense, classical strategy games like warcraft 2 and a browser game. Like in every browser game the time to build and upgrade is rather long but okay. You are able to attack other player(the strategy). You need to find a perfect way so their towers won't kill all your monsters before you get their ressources. Different Tower places need different ways of attacking and different kind of monsters.
Other player are also able to attack you , so defending your base is a big part aswell. You need to build towers and arrange them so they will defend your silos and mines.

The style is fun and kind of weird. On the pictures in the hatchery the look like real monsters but in the game they look kind of cute...?:)
actual game:
As a facebook game it's surprisingly complex and definitely worth a try. So go and check it out(I command you to :D)
Another question:
Are there more facebook games that are this awesome or worth a try?
Most of the time the people play "my fancy zoo"-stuff, but thats just boring.

PS: Yes, we watched the extended version of LotR at the marathon. If we do something we do it right ;)

Home...finally :D

I am so exhausted

Yesterday a friend called me and asked me if i wanted to make a Lord of the Rings marathon(all three movies). So now I am finally home after 11 hours of LotR(even watched the credits, did you know that the official fanclub members are listed?). It was awesome

So as a movie recommendation today : Watch movies with friends. It is just more fun and not that hard to accomplish. Do it on a monthly basis and riff them=lazy fun :D

now off to the bed

Montag, 31. Januar 2011

Welcome back Goodfellas

I think I should continue with another one of my favorite Movies:
Goodfellas(gangster film)
The only thing that Henry Hill always wanted was to be a gangster. He wanted to be part of something significant. At the age of 15 he got the chance, took it and became one of Paul "Paulie" Cicero Soldiers. There he met his two new best friends, Jimmy "The Gent" Conway and Tommy DeVito. After ten years with the mafia Henry and the others got arrestet. In prison he starts to sell drugs which Paulie accepts as long he is inside but seeing the money Henry doesn't want to stop.

Goodfellas, in my opinion, is better than the Godfather. While Coppola tries to show the "inside" mafia, Scorsese shows the "outside" mafia. He tells the story about a youg boy who wants to be more than just an average person, something everyone wants to be someday in his life. As much as I like the movie, he made a mistake. One small mistake that keeps the movie away from perfection.
The scene which is narrated be his wife. Its just annoying, booring and evertime I see the movie it just don't feel right. So I recommend just skipping the part with the italien woman.

Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

First post, good luck!

The daily interwebs? It sounds strange I know :)
This blog is dedicated to the Intenet. For the strange things I see hear and sometimes smell ;).
I want to talk about movies and music I like and don't like. Enough. I quite dont know how to explain what I want to do but starting right away may seems to be a good Idea.

My first recommendationis one of my favorite Movies:
Snatch(crime film/action/comedy)
The movie is about an small-time boxing promoter named Turkish(after a crashed plane) and his partner Tommy. Turkish is in a bad position. He lost his fighter and therefore can't keep up a deal he made with the gangster boss Brick Top. Oweing something to Brick Top is like a ticket to hell. So Turkish and Tommy try to get out of the mess by switching the fighter with Micky, a gypse who is responsible for the situation both are in, but they learn that gypses are unreliable.

It is hard to talk about the movie without explaining and spoiling to much. Guy Richie shows a beautiful picture about the Londoner criminal underworld and the Charakter are unique and likeable. The movie has a lot of similarities to Richies previous movie "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" which I also recommend for people who like "Snatch".

Rating: 7/10 Its worth a look