Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011

Thanks to my new followers(and the old ones as well :))!
I would like to give a movie recommendation but I think I need to live up to the name of the blog. Don't worry, there are some in the pipeline ,some I like and some I don't like(Tron: Legacy >:().

First of all: Facebook fuck yeah!(not really)
Game recommendation: Backyard Monsters
It is a mix of tower defense, classical strategy games like warcraft 2 and a browser game. Like in every browser game the time to build and upgrade is rather long but okay. You are able to attack other player(the strategy). You need to find a perfect way so their towers won't kill all your monsters before you get their ressources. Different Tower places need different ways of attacking and different kind of monsters.
Other player are also able to attack you , so defending your base is a big part aswell. You need to build towers and arrange them so they will defend your silos and mines.

The style is fun and kind of weird. On the pictures in the hatchery the look like real monsters but in the game they look kind of cute...?:)
actual game:
As a facebook game it's surprisingly complex and definitely worth a try. So go and check it out(I command you to :D)
Another question:
Are there more facebook games that are this awesome or worth a try?
Most of the time the people play "my fancy zoo"-stuff, but thats just boring.

PS: Yes, we watched the extended version of LotR at the marathon. If we do something we do it right ;)


  1. Haven't tryed that one, I'll check it out later!

  2. I'm gonna look that one up. I just started playing the oregon trail yesterday, because it's the motherfucking oregon trail.

  3. Cool, not a huge facebook gamer but I'll be sure to check it out. Looks interesting.

  4. Ye this reminds me of the Tower TD maps you get on w3

  5. Now that I've seen it, I'll give it a try!